Mangalore Tuk Tuk Ride! Crazy city centre tuk tuk in Mangalore!

A Tuk Tuk Ride in the Fine City of Mangalore.

Tuk tuks, food, drink and beach in Mangalore.

After the hustle and bustle of Mumbai and the hippyness of Goa, Mangalore seemed to be more authentic India. We stayed in Mangalore for a couple of days as we made our way to the historic city of Mysore. We spent our days walking on the beach and exploring the city, eating curry and ice creams.  Our tuk-tuk (or auto-rickshaw) took us in to the heart of Mangalore as we went in search of food!


The food was amazing and we continued to eat vast amounts of different curries. By now I was addicted to dahl and roti and was eating it at least once a day. We had caught the train from Goa to Mangalore and found it to be an ideal way to see the countryside. Our main mistake was to only consider Mangalore as a stopover on the way to Mysore. We should have allowed more time as Mangalore proved to be a great mix of an authentic Indian city and local beach resort.


The beach at Someshwara was a deserted unspoilt yellow sand delight. The accommodation was value for money and close to the city and the beach. The food was magnificent as usual for India (the Indians certainly know how to cook!) 


Check out the video and see us riding around in a tuk tuk in Mangalore city centre!

Tuk tuk in Mangalore Resources

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How to get to Mangalore

The nearest international airport is Mangalore (IXE). We have always found Skyscanner give us the best deals on flights. Once in the county, travel between places is best done by internal flight, train or by public bus. You can also travel by private car/taxi. For shorter journeys around town, you can hail a passing taxi. Uber is currently unavailable in Mangalore but this may change in the near future so check when you get to India. 

Where to Stay and long term accommodation

We loved our time in Mangalore and this was partly due to the excellent budget accommodation. We stayed at Mangalore Beach Resort, down near Uchila and Talapady. It is a short walk down the road to Someshwara beach and a quick Tuk-tuk ride into Mangalore. For something a little more luxurious (you deserve it, you have been working hard this year!) try the Goldfinch Hotel with its excellent restaurant and spa.


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Further Information

You can find out more about our time in India on Tanya's travel blog at Can Travel Will Travel.

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